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The Thinking Eye

Photographs by Neville Dubow

On view from 16 May to 27 June 2015
Curated by Marilyn Martin and Paul Weinberg

Everyone who knew him was deeply shocked and saddened when Neville Dubow passed away suddenly in August 2008. In the months and years that followed, Paul Weinberg, Joe Dolby and Hayden Proud assisted Rhona Dubow in organising the extensive archive of images, papers, reviews, lectures and other aspects of his academic and creative output, which now resides at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

This overview of his oeuvre spans 30 years (1971-2001) and pays tribute to an important photographer and educator. He was director of the Michaelis School of Fine Art (1971-1988), retiring in 1998, founding director of the Irma Stern Museum and chairperson of the South African National Gallery Acquisition Committee (1971-1995).

Photographs, drawings and memorabilia on the exhibition are drawn from Manuscripts and Archives at UCT and the collection of Iziko South African National Gallery. Dubow took different kinds of photographs, their style and premise alluding at times to formalism, conceptualism, cubism and surrealism; their intentions and purposes including sequences, series, sites, interventions, architecture, memorials, portraiture and erotica. His purview embraced references to European and American photography, painting and sculpture. His approach, which he described as “the neglected tradition in photography”, particularly in South Africa, was “to see intellectually”, to seek the image, the resolution in the viewfinder.

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Posted: 2015/05/12 (12:43:34 PM)


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