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Sewing Paradise: a Sisterhood through Suzani

From 2nd to 30th July 2016

Opening Saturday 2nd July 2016 - 11:00 to 13:00

Sewing Paradise is a celebration of the contribution women make to the world through their creative talents. The show will feature Manina Baumann's magnificent collection of hand-embroidered Uzbek suzanis as well as art works that have been created in response to these Central Asian textiles. Curated by Michael Chandler, the all-female exhibition aims to explore the notion of the inner-garden; a timeless metaphor for a state of ideal beauty and harmony. Exhibiting local and international artists, the show will also feature lesser-known works by Irma Stern, who herself was an ardent textile enthusiast and collector.

Curated by Michael Chandler

Phone: 021 4244810

There will be a walkabout on Sat 9 July at 11am given by Manina Baumann and Azizbek Gulyamov.

Each afternoon from Tue-Friday between 1pm-5pm, for the duration of the exhibition, Manina will be available to share her knowledge of suzanis with visitors. Her contact details are as follows; cell: 082 492 7972 and e-mail: and website:

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Bukhara Medallion on Adras, 160 x 185 cm
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Bukhara Medallion Suzani on Adras, 140 x 170 cm
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Bukhara Medallion Suzani on Adras with Persian Garden Design, 150 x 210 cm
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Silk on Silk Ottoman Design Suzani with Phoenixes, 145 x 225 cm
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Silk on Silk Ottoman Design Suzani, 155 x 195 cm
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Great Bukhara Medallion Design Suz on Adras, 185 x250cm
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Shakhrisabz Design Suzani on Adras
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Ottoman Design Suzani on Adras, 158 x 195cm
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Nurata Suzani on Adras, 142 x 200 cm
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Silk Road Design Suzani with Camels on Adras, 155 x 180 cm


Posted: 2016/07/12 (10:41:13 AM)


 "This is magical"
Stephnie Posted: 2016/06/27 08:32:29 PM

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