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Lindsay Page exhibition

The Purple Cloak

Dates: 6-27 August 2016

Walkabout with the artist this Friday, 12th August at 11.00am

As a painter of some four decades Lindsay Page's work consists of oil paintings, large scale charcoal and pastel drawings. Page grew up on a farm in the Drakensberg where she developed a deep love of this mountainous region, and walked alongside her father as he tended his cattle. She subsequently moved to the Eastern Cape where she responded to the more arid landscape initially teaching herself drawing and water colour. Later as a Masters Graduate of Rhodes University, Page left her mark with the Grahamstown Group and cites Tom Matthews and Neil Rogers as inspirational friends and fellow painters. Since then Page has exhibited extensively in South Africa and in the UK.

In this latest exhibition by Page,The Purple Cloak, the landscapes become more mysterious and otherworldly as Page pushes her paint and colour far beyond the initial impetus of her observed world.

Page's most recent body of work, mostly large scale landscapes, grew out of an appreciation and close study of a particular intimately known landscape, the mountains, fynbos, and water ways of the Garden Route which Page calls home. Page desires to scrape back the superficial appearance, the perceived 'prettiness' of the landscape. Her work shows a close appreciation of the surface and the structure of the land but also an understanding of the materiality of oil paint as developed over a lifetime.

As Page immerses herself in the landscape walking, sensing and drawing she is also able to discover the less hospitable aspects of the landscape. In these encounters any preconconceptions about nature, the landscape or indeed landscape painting, as it has been observed and understood are set aside encouraging an entirely fresh response to take place.

Back in the studio the search becomes more philosophical, an investigation of self and the land, human nature and wild nature.

The exhibition The Purple Cloak will be curated by the artists daughter, Diana Page, who is currently living and working as an artist in Istanbul Turkey.

A small celebratory exhibition of the silk embroideries of Constance Little (1908-2002), the artist's mother, will run concurrently in the Irma Stern Sitting Room. Born in New Zealand and raised in Yorkshire before settling in South Africa, Constance Little like the artist Irma Stern draws inspiration from her garden, particularly its bird life. Constance Little's embroideries are distinguished by her keen observation and subtle use of colour.

Contact curator Diana Page: phone 044 343 1146 and cell 079 908 4891.

Click to enlarge image
Into the Forest 2014. Oil on canvas, 125 X 150 cm
Click to enlarge image
Headland 2016. Oil on canvas, 84 X 92 cm
Click to enlarge image
High Tide 2016. Oil on canvas, 104 X 126 cm
Click to enlarge image
Jane's Pond 2016. Oil on canvas, 104 X 104 cm
Click to enlarge image
Last Light 2016. Oil on canvas, 101 X 149 cm
Click to enlarge image
Foothills 2014. Oil on canvas, 62 X 40 cm
Click to enlarge image
Outeniqua Corrie 2015. Oil on canvas, 140 X 158 cm
Click to enlarge image
Yellow Ramble 2015. Oil on canvas, 76 X 92 cm
Click to enlarge image
Sky 2016. Oil on canvas, 103 X 156 cm
Click to enlarge image
Sleep 1986. Oil on canvas, 75 X 100 cm
Click to enlarge image
The Purple Cloak 2016. Oil on canvas, 78 X 91 cm
Click to enlarge image
White Water 2016. Oil on canvas, 91 X 91 cm


Posted: 2016/07/11 (03:48:44 PM)


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