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The Spirit of Stern

December 10th 2016 - January 28th 2017

2016 marks fifty years since Irma Stern died and to celebrate her memory and the legacy that she left behind, artists have been invited to create works in the 'spirit' of Irma. By channeling her passion for colour, her confidence and her ability to work with absolute ease - we hope that the featured artists will create work that not only adds to their artistic approach - but also reveals just why Irma came to be the international superstar that she is today.

Artists include: Lucie de Moyencourt, Jenny Parsons, Renee Rossouw, Erin Chaplin, Lara Feldman, Alice Toich, Oliver Scarlin, Patricia Fraser, Cathy Layzell, Kate Arthur, Michael Taylor, Ian Sklarksy, Olivie Keck and Carol Mangiagalli.

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Posted: 2016/12/09 (08:07:30 AM)


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