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From 8th July to 19th August 2017

An exhibition of sculpture, paintings and prints by Nicolaas Maritz

Opening 8th July 2017

WALKABOUT: Saturday 5th August 2017, 11:00 to 12:30am

And strangely enough it resembled the state of mind of a man who fears disenchantment more than sortilege.

Within the Tides by Joseph Conrad

Sortilegium (Latin) [from sors lot + lego choose] Divination by drawing lots; a practice of wide diffusion in antiquity, and constantly mentioned in literature of classical Greek and Latin as well as of other countries, and still practiced in some places. One form of it consisted in picking at random in the pages of a book, after due concentration of the mind on the object to be obtained. This was done by the Romans in their sortes Virgilianae, and the early Christians practiced it with the Bible, as a means of ascertaining the divine will or obtaining guidance. Augustine even sanctioned this practice, provided it was not done for worldly ends, and indulged in it himself. The word sorcery is also derived from sors through late Latin and French, and sortilege was often regarded as a form of sorcery - as indeed it was when the knowledge sought was desired for the purposes of evil. It is the motive in these matters which distinguishes the good from the bad.

I have always wanted to paint. Painting is my first language, Afrikaans second and English third. I can say things with paint that mere words fail to describe. The strange and elusive magic of paint is what I live for. The recent paintings, sculptures and prints are all exercises in gestural chance, divination through colour and texture, and a painterly sortilege of sorts.


Nicolaas Maritz was born in 1959 in Pretoria. He went to school in Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. He qualified as an army chef and butcher during 1977. From 1978 - 1981 he received tertiary art education at the University of Cape Town.

His first one man exhibition was held in 1976, in Port Elizabeth, and he has exhibited regularly at galleries and museums in South Africa and overseas.

Maritz has lectured in art and design at the universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch, as well as at private art schools in Cape Town and Pretoria.

The artist has received recognition for his illustrations of children’s and other books, notably two American illustration awards.

His works are represented in most of the art museums and public collections in South Africa. Locally his work can be seen at the South African National Gallery, the art collections of the University of Cape Town, Sasol US Museum, and the Sanlam art collection.

Nicolaas Maritz has extensive web presence, and any internet search result will show several sites, image galleries, as well as references to his work as an experimental musician.

The artist lives and works in Darling. His hobbies are cooking, gardening and armchair installation art.

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Walkabout: Saturday 5th August 11:00 to 12:30am
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Blue Being, 2016
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Brooklyn Blighter, 2016
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Lizard Face, 2016
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Prophet Herder, 2016
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Posted: 2017/07/02 (08:26:25 AM)


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