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4 Women, 4 Journeys in Clay

A group exhibition of ceramics by Sarah Walters, Catherine Brennon, Lynette Morris-Hale & Lisa Ringwood
At: Irma Stern Museum
Dates: 2-23 August 2014
Opening: 2nd August 2014 @ 11 am
Opening speaker: Wilma Cruise
Wines at opening by Kanonkop.

To coincide with Women's Day in August, UCT Irma Stern Museum is presenting an exhibition of work by 4 established women potters entitled '4 Women, 4 Journeys in Clay' from 2-23 August.

The 4 potters involved all use clay very differently. Each has a clear, distinct voice which reflects their personal journeys while using a common material.

Sarah Walter's Jade coloured porcelain takes you with her on a journey (on many levels) to Vietnam, China and North Korea.

Lisa Ringwood invites you to share her everyday life in images of nature dispersed with 'domestic nostalgia' alongside history and tradition. Several new forms appear in this stage of her journey.

Lynette Morris-Hale uses 18th Century Rococo as a vehicle for a journey that explores the strength of women behind the feminine mask of frills and heels. An interesting twist on history.

Catherine Brennon draws you to an inward journey to consider all that is contained within, through her sculptural Dream Boxes.

This promises to be an exceptional exhibition, celebrating the lives of women in general, and with something of interest to all those who love ceramics. Well known artist and academic, Wilma Cruise will be opening the exhibition.

There will be an artist in attendance for the duration of the exhibition. Furniture by Lutge Gallery - all furniture for sale

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Posted: 2014/08/02 (10:00:00 AM)


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