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Jill Trappler exhibition

Unfolding into spring

A solo exhibition of new work by Jill Trappler

Opening Saturday the 8th October at 11 am
Closes Saturday 29th October 12 noon.

Walkabout on Saturday the 15th and Thursday the 20th October at 11 am

The work for the exhibition, 'unfolding into spring' is selected from two large bodies of work; 'the valley of the red gods' and 'weaving and unwoven'. It is new work made over the past year and includes a few previous pieces made in 2013. Most of the images are made with acrylic on canvas, large and small. I have included 6 lithographs and 9 mixed media pieces made from bark cloth. The journey takes us through some of the rituals experienced by people and animals as we emerge from hibernation, deep within the earth or with ourselves and wake into the warmth of spring; new life, new beginnings.

Click to enlarge image
Jill Trappler, `Eclipse`, Series: `Weaving and Unwoven`, 2015/2016, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 240 cm
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bending airplanes (2016), 66 x 71 cm, acrylic on canvas
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half light crossing (2016), 140 x 199 cm, acrylic on canvas
Click to enlarge image
sentient 1 (1013), 30.5 x 22.5 cm, acrylic on canvas
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spirit level 1 (2016), 140 x 185 cm, acrylic on canvas
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transpire 1 (2016), 65 x 79 cm, acrylic on canvas


Posted: 2016/10/05 (08:41:41 AM)

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